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very cool

It'll be so much futher down the spiral  tommorow, when it luanches :)  working hard on it now


Biggish update, More music, more AI conditions like passive gels going critical and nightmaring .

This adds a a lot more tension (fun??) to the moment to moment exploration.

Also, you will notice some wip for the box art :) .... wow...  >> this guy !

Big update:

More work on the enemy A.I. and how they pass from floor to floor. Adjusted it to make them more engaging. They also pass around each other and the dormant gels now which makes you think a bit harder about your turn. 

Hey there Railslave, I'm writing up a short review of Gelshock, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions on the game for the article? If you'd like to do this privately, please grab me over on twitter @gamevinefirst

I'm not on twitter but feel free to pm me here or steam, if thats ok 

This is wild

Added new final boss track

+ another round of grammar/spelling corrections (thanks Hippyshake)

Also Huge thanks to Rozyrg who found the first (huge) round of bugs.

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FIxed a bug in turn based encounters, where the enemies would spawn out side the arena. Please be sure to re-Download, sorry for the trouble